ROOVTECT is a specialized company in the field of canopy, carport roofing, and shading solutions with modern and classical contemporary designs that cater to the needs of contemporary individuals.

ROOVTECT caters to the needs of modern individuals who want to upgrade their surrounding home canopy, carport roofing, and shading solutions according to their preferences. They offer expert advice from the initial stages to the final steps, ensuring that the end result meets your expectations. With a reasonable budget, you can have a modern and stylish carport, canopy or shading solution, backed by high-quality materials and crafted by highly skilled professionals. Their commitment to excellence ensures that you get the best possible outcome for your needs.

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Unique Design


We prioritize the importance of design that aligns with your lifestyle and current architecture. Whether it’s entrance canopy, carport roofing or shading solutions, we can design them to seamlessly blend with your home and building architecture, enhancing their appearance, preserving their elegance, and creating a familiar and functional atmosphere that suits your needs. Every part of the remodeling around your home is meticulously designed by our team of architects and professional engineers. We create a unique identity for you through designs that satisfy your preferences, making them distinct and unmatched if that’s what you desire.

Quality That Lasts


We choose to use standard JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) steel materials known for their standardized and high quality. This ensures that our canopy, carport roofing, shading solutions, or any steel works produced are durable and robust. We employ special machinery from steel mills to precisely cut and shape the materials according to the standard sizes and thickness. To provide excellent corrosion resistance, we coat the steel with a 3-step painting process, utilizing galvanized coating, premium wash primer and top layer coated with industrial grade color with sand mixes to provide a premium finish.

Knockdown System


The use of tailor-made design plays a significant role in ensuring that our prefabrication of the steel structure aligns perfectly with its intended usage and attaching structures. It provides various functions that suit your specific needs and allows for long-lasting performance. The installation is carried out using our unique Joint system, which enhances the bonding efficiency, reduces the need for hot welding on-site, and minimizes issues related to structural deformation. This enables a quick and efficient assembly, hence, our Knockdown system, saving time while maintaining the same high-quality control and less damage to site area.


The advancement of steel innovation, prefabrication and knockdown system that will transform the architectural outlook of your home decoration, making your house or project tasteful design and up-to-date. The process is carried out by experts, designed by new-generation architects and engineer who are willing to meet your requirements. The carport roofing and canopy is durable, heat-resistant, and the shading solutions for the front and sides of your home are designed to blend perfectly with your house. The shading solutions are also sun-proof, following standard guarantees. The designs are customizable, and every step is handled by professionals, resulting in the best outcome for you.

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ROOVTECT x Shinkolite


Translucent Roofing Sheets New Innovation Acrylic Shinkolite Material Heat Cut Technology reduces heat transmission by 58% UV Protection 99% Sheet thickness over 6 millimeters, strong and durable Shiinkolite Sheet warranty for 10 years.

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Solid Sheet


Translucent Roofing Sheets Material: Solid Polycarbonate Features: UV Protection 99% Sheet thickness: 3 millimeters, lightweight, flexible, and sturdy Solid Polycarbonate Sheet warranty for 10 years.

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Smart Vinyl


Opaque roofing material known for its beautiful and smooth surface, as well as its lightweight and durability. One of its remarkable features is its ability to absorb the impact sound of raindrops on the roof and heat reflection.

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Shade Series


The Shade Series features lightweight supplementary materials designed for decorating under the roof. Its unique properties help to significantly reduce heat transmission and sunlight, providing a more pleasant environment.

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Our outdoor flooring solution with WPC wood, beautifully resembles real with Wood Termite and Fungus Resistant, Enhances Durability Installed with Galvanized Box Steel Structure to Prevent Corrosion and KEMREX Steel Pile Installation Process Reduces the Sagging of the WPC Louver Flooring.

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ROOVTECT x Jun Sekino


Transforming the Image of Homes and Buildings Using Facade Material to Decorate Buildings from Shinkolite Emphasizing Openness and Privacy for Residents. Thoughtfully Designed by renowned architect, Jun Sekino from Junsekino Architect and Design.

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ROOVTECT offers a distinctive design created by professional architects and engineers, following the principles of Tailor-made design. They focus on modernizing and harmonizing steel works and various quality materials with your home. The carport canopy and roofing appears simple yet elegant, giving it a refreshing contemporary look. The updated carport and shading solutions for the front of your home are designed with a more modern touch, elevating your home’s style. The concept is simple yet unique, creating beautiful steel structures that will surely impress you.

Cantilever Design

Poleless Canopy

We design and construct canopy or shading solutions for the front of your home without the need for supporting poles. The shading is achieved using a system of arm plates or pulley systems that provide support and distribute the weight of the structure installed on the roof area through a careful evaluation, analysis, and design conducted by our team of professional engineers. This innovative approach transforms the ordinary front or side shading of your home into a modern and durable poleless shading solution.

Signature Column

Pole Supported Roof Design

ROOVTECT Signature Modern Design Pole is a carport roofing and shading solution that undergoes a modern industrial pumping process, resulting in beautifully modern steel works. The pole design ensures a stable and reinforced steel structure capable of supporting the weight of the shading or carport effectively. Whether it’s for the front of your home, garage or extending the seating area, we can design the pole supported shading solution on the side of your house to perfectly suit your needs.

Modern Wide Span

Maximum 12-Meter Wide Structure System

The design features special posts and beams that enhance the ability to support the weight of the roof or shading system, ensuring stability and allowing for a maximum distance of up to 12 meters between the supporting posts. This creates a spacious carport in front of the house, suitable for comfortably parking 4-5 cars without the need for center columns. The installation of carports and shading solutions utilizes the ROOVTECT Signature method, which involves direct pumping and folding of the steel works using industrial-grade machinery, ensuring standard compliance and guaranteed durability and strength.

Classical Contemporary

Classic Carport Roof

Designing a carport roof or shading solution with a special and unique design technique tailored for customers who appreciate classic and contemporary architectural styles. Emphasizing a vintage style with a distinctive character, it comes with prefabricated steel components carefully crafted to ensure the carport or roofing solution you desire is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly tailored. Whether it is a transparent shading solution or a translucent roofing, it seamlessly blends classic and beautiful elements to create a distinctive identity. It also features a concealed water drainage system, seamlessly integrated as a beautiful and elegant part of the structure.


From our extensive experience and the recognition received from numerous satisfied customers, we take pride in crafting steel works into carport roofs and shading solutions that are modern, durable, and distinctive in design. We offer carport and shading solutions at friendly prices and involve you in the design process to ensure that the end result perfectly satisfies your preferences. Every design carries the unique ROOVTECT Signature, showcasing our exclusive design and manufacturing approach.

Our team comprises of young architects and engineers who professionally cater to your needs. Our skilled craftsmen bring with them years of experience in the steel industry, ensuring the highest quality in their workmanship. We handle your projects with utmost care, delivering results that meet your expectations. Standard-compliant and guaranteed durable materials are used, backed by testimonials from numerous satisfied customers who place their trust in us. We present a new face in the steel industry, offering modern and reliable carport roofs and shading solutions.

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